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About us

Laszlo Vinko Group is a full-service international sports management agency dedicated to the management of professional basketball players and coaches headquartered in Hungary, Europe.

The uniqueness of the agency is the basic approach towards its clients: treating them as family members, working closely and making decisions together.
Laszlo as a former men's coach, founded his basketball agency in 1990. Being in the business he exactly know what was missing... Based on his knowledge of talent and large network of coaches and players , he established his agency. Laszlo was a pioneer in the Hungarian sports management world as he was one of the first agents in the country representing athletes.

Due to these high quality connections Laszlo Vinko represented and placed players in many European leagues, such as the Euroleague, Eurocup, Eruochallenge, Adriatic League, ACB and of course in the Hungarian Division I.

Now the agency possesses more than 50% of market share of the Hungarian man professional basketball players and cooperates with noted international agents and agencies from all over the world.

LVG employs a unique approach to professional management by providing a complete array of services designed to enhance its clients’ marketability. Core services of LVG include representation of players and coaches, consultation, recruiting and providing specific marketing services.

With a strong English-speaking staff, LVG gives foreign players a comfortable, secure environment where the payment of contracts are guaranteed by professionally prepared, detailed documents within accordance of Hungarian Basketball Federation and FIBA guidelines.

„Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to professional basketball players and coaches around the world. We are always about to help each client to reach their full potential by developing a long-term, close, personal relationship so that we can truly understand their goals and objectives both in basketball and in life. We are committed to always be honest, credible, and fair towards every clients and business partners.”

The Team

What We Do


LVG manages basketball players from emerging talents to elites, offering a variety of dedicated athlete support services; such as evaluation and negotiation of business opportunities, securing professional contracts and endorsements. Our experience, knowledge and relationships allow us to place players to high-level teams in Europe or in North America.


At LVG, we maintain a thorough and complete understanding of the Hungarian and European possibilities for professional basketball coaches. We plan and manage the individual career of our coaches' together for long-term.


We are getting you or your business ahead of the game with our sports-focused consultation services. Based on the broad experience and understanding of the market, LVG gives prudent advice for athletes and coaches who need specific career or business council when they get to critical stage of their career and have to make significant decisions.


We are always looking for talents; our agents frequently take part in several basketball camps in the Sates and in Europe. While recruiting new players and coaches we seriously look into the history of the potential client in order to proceed the most fair and honest way.